act 989 

Act 989 requires districts to post both classified and licensed personnel policies and salary schedules to the district’s website.


District, Superintendent's Page, High School, Elementary

Calendar (Current)

Activity Fund (Current)

Financial Report (Current)

Budget Report

Board Signature Page for Salaries and Policies

Salary Schedule 2012-2013: Licensed , Classified

Aides Salary Schedule 2013-2014

Licensed Salary 2013-2014

Classified Salary 2013-2014

Paraprofessional (aides) Salary Schedule 2011-2012 

Certified Handbook (Current)

Classified Handbook  (Current)

High School Student Handbook (Current)

Elementary Student Handbook (Current)

Athletic Budget

Board Signatures for Personnel Policy and Salary Schedules

Parental Involvement Plan